The Global Art Project

Equatorial Rhythms

This exhibition highlighted the crossover between art and music, with a focus on artists from countries that have deep-rooted, indigenous musical traditions. 
By presenting both art and music by artists from the selected countries, and in many instances a crossover between art and music, the synergy between art and music came to the fore. All in all, the complex cultural issues addressed throughout the exhibition contributed to an extensive, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural dialogue – one that runs both North/South and East/West. Participating artists: Kader Attia, Kjetil Berge, Kristin Bergaust/Alexis Parra, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Albert Chong, Christopher Cozier, Alfredo Jaar, Yvette Mattern, Andrew Dosunmu, Satch Hoyt, Sergio Bernardez/Guilerme Vaz, Eder Santos, Paulo Vivacqua, Heri Dono/Jompet, Vu Nhat Tan, Theo Eshetu, Lamia Naji, Salem Mekuria, Olu Oguibe, and Kimsooja. Publication with texts by Octavio Zaya, Olu Oguibe and Selene Wendt.