The Global Art Project

Listening to the Echoes of the South Atlantic

The deep interconnectivity between music and history, and the idea that music functions as a response to history, is the underlying narrative of this exhibition. Building on the importance of music in relation to what Paul Gilroy refers to as “the Atlantic as a system of cultural exchanges”, the exhibition addresses the significance of music as a collective language of resistance and solidarity.

The videos, sound-based sculptures, installations, and performances are all connected to the entangled histories of the South Atlantic. The sonic heartbeat of the exhibition is found in socially engaged and historically conscious art practices that extend beyond the strict parameters of visual art, music, or performance.

Listening to the Echoes of the South Atlantic was conceived in response to Selene Wendt’s participation in the the three-year interdisciplinary research project (2018-2020) initiated by the Goethe-Institut, Sao Paulo, Echoes of the South Atlantic.

Participating artists: Cássio Bomfim, Jeannette Ehlers, Anita Ekman, Satch Hoyt, Neo Muyanga & William Kentridge, Camille Norment, Dawit L. Petros, and Nyugen E. Smith.

A series of live performances will also take place at Nordic Black Theatre, Oslo throughout the exhibition period:

February 13: Cássio Bomfim. Live intervention of Salve Exu Motoboy

March 27: Neo Muyanga. Live concert to coincide with William Kentridge’s video Second-hand reading, 2013

April 4: Satch Hoyt. Live performance of Hair Combing Cycle 1530

Additionally, Nyugen E. Smith will do a live performance at the opening on February 6 at Oslo Kunstforening.

An interactive digital exhibition publication, designed by Nadia Huggins, will soon be made available worldwide on

With generous support from Goethe-Institut, Fritt Ord, Oslo Kunstforening and Nordic Black Theatre.